Accepted Projects of the SPP proposal phase 2

This is a short overview of all accepted projects. To view more information about a specific project, please click it.

Visual Analytics methods to steer the subspace clustering process

Dr. Enrico Bertini, Prof. Dr. Thomas Seidl

Visual Interactive Exploration of Geo-Located Infrastructure and Facilities in Urban Areas

Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll

Scalable Visual Analysis of Patent and Scientific Document Collections

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl, Professor Dr. Hinrich Schütze

Scalable Visual Analytics of Video Data

Prof. Dr. Gunther Heidemann, Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiskopf

Network-based interactive navigation and analysis of large biological datasets

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaufmann,  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kohlbacher, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Lenhof

Visual analysis of movement and event data in spatiotemporal context

Prof. Dr. Daniel Keim, Prof. Dr. Stefan Wrobel

Coordination project

Prof. Dr. Daniel Keim

Towards semantically steered navigation in shape spaces exemplified by rodent skull morphology in correlation to external attributes

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein, Dr. Anja Schunke

Visual Analytics Methods for Modeling in Medical Imaging

Dr.-Ing. Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg

Higher Order Visual Search for Information in Multidimensional Data Sets

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Andreas Magnor, Prof. Dr. Holger Theisel

Visual Analytics in Public Health

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Preim, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dietz Tönnies, Prof. Dr. Henry Völzke

Topology-based Visual Analysis of Information Spaces

Prof. Dr. Gerik Scheuermann, Professor Dr. Gerhard Heyer

Developing new visual analysis methods to be integrated into simulation processes, focusing on the exploration of cell biological systems in space and time

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Schumann, Prof. Dr. A. M. Uhrmacher

Feature-based Visualization and Analysis of Natural Language Documents (VisADoc) - Associated Project

Prof. Dr. Daniel A. Keim & Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych